J!NX Affiliate and Referral Programs

Affiliate Program

Earn 10% in CASH for orders you drive in from your Web Business.

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After years of keeping the J!NX Affiliate program private to a few select businesses, we are happy to announce that it is now open to the public. Our program is extremely competitive, offering 10% commission on every product that is sold through your link(s). For example, on an average order of $45.00, that is roughly $4.50 per referred customer. Check out these features:

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Referral Program

Earn J!NX Gold on your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Blog pages.

The J!NX Referral Program allows you to create your own custom J!NX Link. When anyone follows your J!NX Link and makes a purchase on Jinx.com, you will earn at least 5% of their order SUBTOTAL in J!NX Gold and J!NX EXP.

Don't have a personal website? Simply send emails to your friends with your J!NX Link!

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You can start using your J!NX Link and begin taking advantage of the J!NX Referral Program now. You will receive your J!NX Gold and J!NX EXP as soon as an order that was referred through your link is shipped.

Now, get out there and start spreading the geek and gamer love.