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Voting Opens for The J!NX Design Arcade

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We've been gathering your submissions to the J!NX Design Arcade for a few weeks now, and have collected enough to open the flood gates to your whims. Not only are we letting you impact which designs we print, we're giving you 10 EXP per vote!

Take your time voting, though, and realize that each vote counts. Rest assured, your voice will be heard among the din. This is a democratic process that can change the world. You have to believe in the power of the J!NX Design Arcade, and it will set you free!

As you're reading this, you may be thinking to yourself (I mean, really, who else could you think to?), "I'm an artist that has my submission up for voting. How could I promote my design to get more people to vote for it?" We've made promoting your design super-special-simple by including links to some of the more popular social sites.

And don't think this is the end! The J!NX Design Arcade is ONGOING, so you'll be able to submit your design at any time for a chance at a cool $1000.

- Nooch



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