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Halloween Spook-tacular!

There are those who regard Halloween as a lesser holiday. Those people are human trash. Halloween is the hallowed day which makes all other holidays seem pathetic and frail. It is the celebration of costumes and roleplaying, a day whose meaning reverberates in the mind of all true geeks with deafening volume. In true J!NX fashion, we have slipped into our least comfortable regalia with the intent of amusing and amazing you, the mighty Minions. Hopefully we have not disappointed you who wield such discerning judgement.

See the glory that is the J!NX Costume Contest... then go and vote for your favorite!

But it's not all about us J!NX crew, oh no. It is also most certainly about Secret Mission #1!!! Yes, there was a secret mission! And you didn't even know about it because it was secret! J!NX Secret Mission #1 was to Halloween-ify some of the spiffy photos on our magnificent website. So I contacted some of our most loyal Minions who also happened to boast wicked Photoshop skillz, and I briefed them on our most-secret of secret missions. As usual, the Minions did NOT disappoint, because the J!NX Minions are the greatest minions a cruel overlord like me could hope for.



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