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In the interim...

My goal in this, the most glorious of years, 2011, is to release a new video every week. We've posted three so far (1 - 2 - 3), and I hope you've enjoyed them. While the goal is one a week, I also don't want to force it. I'm invoking that exception right now. We have a new bi-weekly video that we will be showing to your eyeballs called Fresh Data. It will be many things, and it will be bizarre. My goal is to entertain and amuse, to keep you guessing, and to knock your brain off kilter a bit. There is plenty of video content out there and nobody needs a new way to waste 2-3 minutes. So yeah... we need another week to finish the first one.

In the spirit of bizarrity (new word, write it down), I'd like to take this opportunity to mention a few random things that have managed to churn their way through the twists and turns of my brain.

(1) The pita is largely an unsatisfactory device for delivering food. The classic breads, such as submarines rolls and sliced bread, are able to provide you with measured morsels, distributing equal amounts of all ingredients with each bite. Hell, even the hard-shell taco, Earth's Perfect Food, finds success with a similar shape through the innovation of a rigid shell. The pita fails and I'm not sure how it has survived as long as it has. Here's an idea, pita: Be square. I love me some falafel, but not sure I can continue to support a sandwich canvas that has no interest in self improvement.

(2) Skydog made a valid point yesterday regarding RPGs that I wanted to pass along. I love lore; I read all the quests when I'm leveling, and ask all the questions available. However, too much dialogue in an RPG can be exhausting. Ever get to a new town, see all the !'s above all the heads, and let out a little groan? Skydog suggests that reading books and playing games are two different experiences, probably best kept separate. I agree with that. Lore within reason, final answer.

(3) No one ever finishes street hotdogs in movies. They buy one from a weenie cart, take two bites, and throw the rest away. Keep an eye out for that. Along those same lines, no one ever says "bye" when they're hanging up the phone.

(4) Brolo's got a new blog. It's epic, go read it.





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