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Community Recap with Day[9]

Brother Day[9] came down to the J!NX Fortress last week to hang out and be awesome. We decided to have a look at some of Aprils Community Events and record the Master of Micro as he delivered the deets. It has been said among the elders that listening to Day[9] speak can turn one into an iron-clad barbarian with a bad-ass chainsaw axe and beautiful women following you around. Also the opposite of that for chicks. Feels good man.

If you haven't yet discovered the gem that is Day[9], he is known on the webz as one of the greatest SC2 players and shoutcasters on the globe. He teaches lackeys like you how to be a better gamer, so its basically like Math 151 for awesome people. If you haven't had the pleasure of catching his show, be sure to check out the Day[9] Daily Sunday through Thursday at 7pm PST on

Be sure to stay tuned in the weeks coming for more J!NX x Day[9] uppercut combos to the face. Maybe next game you can be the big winner.


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