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Community Pic of the Week


This week, with Steam Boxes being shown, and Valve giving us a choice as to who we can get them from (Sadly, no Aperture Labs machine), I thought it would be nice to show everyone what people are doing to get ready for Half Life 3. Sure it isn’t confirmed yet, but I'm sure we will probably be playing it when we have great grandkids. But we must be vigilant!

XinWen is trying out the now classic Freeman tool: the crowbar. Practicing his after-slaughter pose to use once he has bested thousands of foes. XinWen will be ready for his crowbar-only speed run through Half Life 3 once it has been pulled from another dimension for us to play!

Congrats XinWen on being this week’s Pic of the Week. Now if you could spare a moment, I have a few mysterious crates that I just got from Antarctica that need to be pried open…

Be seeing you,

Photo by: XinWen



Pic of the Week

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