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New J!NX Gear! Return of the J!NX bear.

Hey Minions!

If you read last week's blog post, you already are familiar with one of the new J!NX designs we're launching this week. This launch is really a continuation of the last launch of J!NX gear from a few months back. That last launch had a lot of skull-centric designs, and so we decided to split it so that this launch could be driven by some "classic" inspired designs.

We also did it because really those are some of the shirts we'd like to wear around the office, and we hope you'll love them like we do.

As a company we're a lot like the gamer community itself. We have a lot of people that share a love of games in general, but there isn't a single consensus on what makes one game the "best". We like to keep this in mind when we design tees for our own. We really enjoy all the shirts that we make with our partners because each game has it's own unique fanbase, which gives us the interesting challenge of trying to keep things fresh and design for totally differing groups. When we go back to basics to work on designs for J!NX itself, it's great because it feels a lot like going home.

Totally gratuitous J!NX Bear photo.

When we get the chance to do J!NX designs it's when we get to go wild and design for "ourselves". It's impossible to make anything of quality that appeals to everyone, when you do that you're just diluting a cool idea to appeal to more people. If it was possible to make something that was universally beloved there would be no market for indie games, or really any need for any more than a single game at all. The way to make something genuine is to have a very specific idea of who you're making something for, and make the thing for them in particular instead of the world at large. In the case of us, we know a lot of people have been with us for years so we're throwing it back to the classic days with some of these designs. For instance, you might notice there are a lot of black tees. In when it comes to some of these new shirts, you can have them in any color you want as long as it's black. We also did it because really those are some of the shirts we'd like to wear around the office, and we hope you'll love them like we do.

We're planning to have another J!NX launch in a few more month that will have some new designs, as well as hopefully we will have a chance to refine some of the ideas that had been brainstormed during this collection but needed a little more refinement. It's a constant process of trying to make each design as epic as they can be, and when it's a J!NX design there's no such thing as settling with "good enough".

If for some totally insane reason you don't understand why there's a bear all over this post...

Your Benevolent Bearwrangler,



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