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Statue and BioShocker

Wake the neighbors! Looks like we found our way onto a statue.

When you're designing a statue of Jess Chobot licking a game controller, naturally you want to put her in a shirt that represents the most important movement in the video game industry since Ralph Baer got down with Pong: that would be us. Initial prototypes allowed you to touch the skull on the chest, causing a powerful wave of omniscience to wash over you, opening your eyes to the greatest mysteries in the universe. Side effects prohibited moving in this direction, though; primarily minor things such as mutations sprouting into superfluous limbs, things of that nature. What DOES remain is the ability to own a kickass statue proudly bearing the moniker of a true geek.

On a side note, Gamefly has LOST my copy of Bioshock that is supposedly on the way. Every 10 out of 10 review I read makes the waiting worse. It feels like a hot knife wittling into the soft underbelly of my genitals. I may just need to throw down and go buy it, because I can't take being in GameFly limbo for much longer. And if you're wondering, this image was taken from the Sci-Fi channel's "The man with the screaming brain" poster and lovingly modified to suit my own purposes.




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