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What is J!NX?

Just WTF exactly is J!NX? I thought this an appropriate topic for this week. I think people sorta know kinda sorta. We also think that if you asked 10 people, all 10 would respond with different answers. This is partly due to the fact that it means something different to everyone, but also, we have not articulated our message clearly. Our intention is to change that. The following is my best attempt at describing what we're doing, while still managing to avoid cheesy, cliche phrases that typically come from a man with a name like "Lance" that wears "slacks".

Clothing is only one of the things we do. Put simply, J!NX represents a way of life. It's a immersion into all forms of gaming, tech stuffs, the interwebz, cult classic cinema, spaceships, comic books, fantasy, rolling dice, and collecting things. It's about sinking your fangs deep into your interests, regardless of what they are, and really getting into them. Every day, we write glogs/blogs, craft trivia, host contests, and design clothing about this lifestyle. Obviously, we're all different, but if you're reading this, we probably have a lot in common.

Most of the clothing on our site is straight-up J!NX clothing. We designed it and we own it. It is part of the J!NX brand. However, we also create licensed clothing about games we love such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Dungeons & Dragons. It's important to note though that WE designed that clothing, we're not just reselling it. They awarded us their license because they know we're huge fanboys/fangirls and we get it. I've always believed that you can only create what you really know, and apparently, they understand that too.

We also setup mini-stores for friends and companies we support, such as DiggNation, The Totally Rad Show, Cranky Geek, etc. We did not design any of this stuff, we simply produce it and handle the whole shebang for them.

Over the next few months, we'll be making some changes on the site, such as a new homepage, to make all of this more clear. We welcome your suggestions, and we truly appreciate everything you have all done already to take J!NX from a 10'x10' bedroom to what it is today :P




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