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J!NX Party and Dannicus Live

FYI, this is being posted on the International Speak Like a Pirate day, so that makes section two more appropriate. While I won't be typing like a pirate, just read this in a piratey (word?) voice, maybe in the inflection of Barbossa.

The J!NX Crew decided to throw a beach bash this weekend for ourselves, something you don't typically see geeks doing. In planning the event, Beach Party won out over paintball and steel cage match training by a narrow margin. I think we went through 26 bottles of SPF 80. The sun had the eye of the tiger and was doing everything it could to cook us faster than our Carne Asada. All the standard props were present: Beer, horseshoes, volleyball, cornhole (at Queue's request), Bocci, beer, and cerveza.

After the beach, those left standing headed over to check out Dannicus Live. If you live in San Diego, you are required by San Diego law to go see this band. Picture five musically-talented geeks dressed like pirates playing raunchy songs that the diehard crowd knows as well as they do. It's an absolute blast and it is the best way to spend your night when you're tired of the limited options available to you after 8pm. I'm guessing at least 60% of the patrons have or do play D&D, 30% regularly rage in SCA full contact gladiator style combat, and the remaining 5% do math better than me.

Dannicus plays Saturday, September 22nd at Riley's Point Loma (2901 Nimitz Blvd., San Diego, California 92106). If you read this before that day, Go. They will pwn your soul.




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