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Feedback and EmoBrolo

I come to you this week with a veritable hamslice of various topics. Go back and read that last sentence. You read hamslice and thought, "Meh, that makes sense there." Work that word into your vocabulary whenever possible, along with another word I made up, Snoobs, which is short for snowboarding boots.

I've decided to use my blog over the next couple months to get some feedback on some of the stuff we're doing here at J!NX. You may be saying, "Hey! Mr Pants! What about the forums, you can use those right? You've made me irate!" First off, the forums are still there, but this blog may have more visibility. So deal, and make yourself heard here (once we build in feedback). Please pepper your flames with a moderate amount of constructive criticism.

Twitter is quite possibly the most annoying social networking tool I've ever seen. I personally apologize to everyone I've told about this superfluous tool. I was young and curious and just wanted to experiment! Anyway, at the time this is posted, hopefully it has been removed from our homepage.

Finally, for some eye candy, I bring you Emo Brolo. We take a lot of pictures here, between the tweakfest contests, new product photos, and just because we have some cameras. Not sure where Brolo was emotionally when he posed for this 8 bit heart shirt photo, but he was so Emo we just had to have fun with it.



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