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Gaming Apocalypse

Pong Begins

Big news at the J!NX Epic Fortress, the 3rd annual interoffice J!NX Ping Pong tournament has commenced. From the onset, slanderous remarks and smack talk echoed throughout our Great Hall as fierce competition ensued (well, okay, maybe it's not that fierce). This year welcomes some newcomers to the green table, with high stakes being put on Giant, Queue, or Jinx to take home the Cup. And yes, there is a trophy. It has a ping pong guy on it and it is rad.

Pretty Pictures

Some of you will be receiving our newest catalog with your orders, or in the mail if your name was drawn from our WOPR random number super computer. The concept may seem sterile as a discussion topic, but I wanted to mention it because it was a blast to make. Most of the photos are of J!NX Crew and friends that we shot (the photos, not the crew/friends) in a garage that was around 135 degrees, while people on deck gamed inside. Much beer was consumed and the resulting creation from our very own Pintress is one that we are rather proud of. If you've seen it, let us know what you think.

The Radness is Thick

The recent month has seen an inordinate number of back to back stellar game releases that won't allow for us to catch-up. Deadspace has manhandled my time with authority (amazing game, on 1st replay now), while Fallout 3, Left for Dead, Resistance 2 and Gears 2 rampage with reckless abandon through the office. Even as we gasp for breath, struggling to clamber to our feet, a monstrous shape looms up over the horizon. With bowed teeth the size of a houses, the wretched form blots out the very sun, unleashing a cry of rage and promises of utter time domination. In other words, Wrath of the Lich King comes out Thursday, Nov 13th, and deeper into the rabbit hole we go...


One last thing bears mentioning; Our Talking Plush Murloc is coming! First, watch the high quality video that we produced here at the Fortress. Then hit this page then click "Restock Me" in the Stock section to be notified when they arrive from Azeroth. It will probably be towards the end of November and they will go fast.




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