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Is it possible to Get TOO Into It?

Here at J!NX, we've been prattling on about how we Get Into It, really sinking our teeth into our interests, etc. But is there such as thing as being too into it? I present to you Exhibit A, the Star Trek life-sized replica captain's chair. Coming in at $2,200.00 (I know, right?! Only $2,200!), this piece of nostalgia begs us to take a long, painful look at the concept of moderation.

What's funny to me is that saving up the $2,200 probably isn't the biggest challenge one faces with respect to this toy. Now you need to find some floor space to dedicate. If you coughed up the two G's, you are not putting this thing in your basement. No, no, no. You're spending your weekends dressed up as the captain himself, watching your reruns in style from the center of your living room. The footprint on it is quite large (42" x 39") and this chair will be the centerpiece of any room it occupies. If you live in an apartment, it is the centerpiece of your entire residence.

To be fair, not all buyers are putting Exhibit A in their house. I have been discounting the fact that some sales are coming from people that actually own a spaceship. They are simply replacing the OEM captain's chair with this plastic one. From what I understand, instructions are included to help pair up the giant, analog plastic buttons to all your modern day ship functions (e.g. Warp Drive, Deflector Shields, Xbox 360).

I'm not going to waste time exploring the cliché notion of approving this thing with your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife. We all know how that conversation typically goes. Hell, you'd probably have to jump through some hoops to even get a Star Trek calendar on the wall of your family room if your significant other doesn't know what a Tribble is.

But, who am I to talk? Is there really such a thing as going too far? We built a secret door here at the Fortress behind my bookshelf that leads to the game room. Every plausible horizontal surface is adorned with a mini Chewbacca humping a robot, or some type of LEGO structure. Perhaps it is the singularity of the chair that strikes me as eccentric, devoting so many resources to one MEGA-collectible. Or, maybe a small part of me is just jealous that my TV watching is confined to a tan couch with no buttons and that will never allow me to record a log.

Real Life PvP

Twenty J!NX Crew members squared off for a day of epic, real life PvP. I am estimating that over 15,000 tiny spheres of paint were projected forth with a 300psi burst of compressed rage. We captured some of the battle on film, along with some of the damage done to easily bruised skin (mine included). One such bruise that Queue is hosting, perhaps the most painful injury sustained, shall remained unphotographed.

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