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The Con Season Cometh

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Summer Cons!

My calendar always gets heavily filled in with a red marker during the summer months. Con season is almost here and I am stoked. Here's how we're looking so far:

Summer '09 Con Schedule

June 2 :: E3
July 23 :: Comic Con
July 31 :: DEF CON
Aug 20 :: BlizzCon
Sep 3 :: Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)

Traditionally, every con is a generous mix of panels, daytime gaming, early-evening parties, late-night gaming followed by covorting and debating the finer points of all things geeky. However, the feeling I get just being at a con, surrounded by thousands of people who are united by the same passions and lifestyles, is the primary reason I go. It would be great if there were mandatory showers, but even the con-aroma has become an integral part of the experience.

This is my """job""" (Notice, I used extra quotation marks there for good measure).

I know many of you will also be in attendance, so you are undoubtedly sharing in my eager anticipation. J!NX will actually be setting up at DEF CON and BlizzCon this year, so if you're at any of these, be sure to come by and say hi.

J!NX Game Night

This Monday (4/20, *snicker, wink?*) marks the 1st annual J!NX Game Night here at the Fortress. In a nutshell, it will be 5 hours of gaming and socializing every Monday night. Vids (360, ps3, Wii), pong, board-games, role-playing, beer, pizza (and anything else that makes an evening like this complete) will be in abundance. It's like a giant tree-house, just not up in a tree. We actually looked into building the J!NX Fortress in a tree, but as it turns out, this was not a very safe idea.

Although we still need to keep this a relatively private event for its inception, we are experimenting with the idea of opening things up to our fellow Southern California gamers and geeks. We'll keep you posted.

I'm going to post some pics here on Tuesday (4/21) or Wednesday (4/22).

Finally, I understand that J!NX Game Night isn't very sexy sounding. Any suggestions for a better name?

[UPDATE] Member Ramsil suggested "J!NX Con". Yes, funny name for a weekly event, but I love it nonetheless. The naming is complete.

[UPDATE] The first weekly J!NX Con was a blast, here are some pics as promised.


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