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Losing a Legend

Gary Gygax died today. It is literally impossible to construct sentences at this point without ending up with a nauseating (albeit true) string of cliches.

Gary had a massive influence on my life. I was consumed with D&D growing up. Every word he wrote affected how I envision fantasy and RPGs. He created a world and I lived in it. I mean, not in a Mazes and Monsters (the movie) kinda way, but a LOT of my free-time was spent with dice in my hand. Apart from his own games, his concepts and ideas were the foundation of so many other RPGs in general.

Literally speaking, Gary has and will always be an inspiration for the creativity in J!NX and in my personal projects. He is truly a legend, and his life's work will always be a big part of who I am. Although part of me would feel bad for relating his death to some kind of unlucky Saving Throw roll, more of me feels like he wouldn't want it described in any other way. And, if life was really a game of D&D, you can bet your ass there would be a million rules-lawyers standing around Gary to defend him, flipping fervently through the Player's Handbook.

We will all miss you, Gary.



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