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Boardgames and Pong

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Every Monday night, around 12 of us get together here at the Fortress. Although it is weekly, we don't wear badges, and it (usually) doesn't smell like a con, we have dubbed this late night o' fun J!NXCON. We typically start with some vids (G.H Metallica and S.F.4 as of late) and then round things out by playing some board games. This week's table game selection consisted of Agricola, Before the Wind, Goldbrau and Settlers of Catan. Agricola is amazing and we are all looking forward to the next time that box is cracked open. It's not new, but we just bought it, and I loves me a fresh game - cardboard punch-outs, dozens of wooden chits, a respectable 6 page rulebook: pure heaven. And can I just say that there is no aroma quite as intoxicating as that of crisp, new boardgame?

We're also Pong fans here, and at 11pm we found ourselves playing a strange round-robin style game of Pong that was suggested to us by J!NX Crew member, Giant. Once you miss a shot, you're out, continuing until there remains only one. It's completely absurd, but it was an absolute blast. We captured it on video below.


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