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J!NX IDentity Summer '09 Line

The J!NX IDentity Summer '09 line has been unleashed upon the world, and as citizens of said world, you are all entitled to own some or all of it. On the surface, I think the process appears simple, so I'm always interested in sharing the thoughts that went into our lines, and providing a window into the process. Here's some of my favorite photos, followed by some of J!NX member Kaybi's handiwork, and culminating in a section dedicated to the inspiration behind each design. Hope you like our latest creations!

Some shots from the Fortress shoot:

We sent some shirts to J!NX member Kaybi, here's her take on things:

Here's what the art team had in mind when they created these designs:


Borador: "I'm always exploring new ways to recreate our logo. I wanted to create a bold expression that I live the J!NX lifestyle. I added some cool ink spillage here and there to give it a little life."


Moustachio: "Legend speaks of great magical power emitting from the relics in the West. Go, study upon its sacred ground, and perhaps you too will gain a portion of its strength. I did, and brought back a drawing of my time spent there."


Borador: "Tank Commander, Star Fox, Tron, John Travolta, all fabulous retro masterpieces. I wanted to pack all the breathtaking imagery of these into one design that was not only delicious, but retrolicious."

In Plain Sight

Borador: "You've been camping quietly, tempering your bloodlust with patience. At last, your strategy pays off. There he is, moving from one broken wall to the next. He'd already be dead, but you're too busy laughing your ass off as he tried to hide. When there's a fat scope involved, you're in plain sight."


Giant: "It's no secret that I have an abnormal fascination with big, big monsters. The inspiration isn't exactly deep on this one. Big monster. Win. With this one, Lovecraft was clearly an inspiration."

Wild Card

Giant: "The J!NX name has always felt mischievous to me, I guess based on that old adage that we all have our dark sides. I took the Joker and added symbols that I felt best defined our lifestyle."

As always, we welcome your feedback. Please let us know what you think by posting your "Love it!" and "Meh." comments.




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