Community Pic of the Week

eat n00bs

This cool character eats n00bs, there is no question. Last night, you were sneaking through the creek bed with your trusty M14 thinking that nobody was around and BOOM! Headshot! Jensen calmly sits back in his chair, his M21 still smoking from the barrel as the echoing sniper shot rolls down the canyon. He had you in his sights long before you were even a glint in your daddy's eye. gg uninstall n00b.

I have to hand it to you Skov, this pic is awesome. This was the winning photo the moment I laid eyes on the gem. Grats on your 100 J!NX Gold and EXP, it is well deserved. I will see everyone next week, unless you will be at the Tivoli Bar tonight for the J!NX Comic Con Meet-up with the Totally Rad Show and iFanboy, in which case I will see you this evening.


Photo by: Skov



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