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Community Pic of the Week

The Most Interesting Man in the World

Ole Skydog is finally back on track with the Pic of the Week after a nice little stretch of con action. We had an amazing time in Vegas for Defcon, and this past weekend at Blizzcon was epic to say the least. It was nice getting out of my stuffy little office and mingling with the J!NX Army. We were out in full force taking over the world, one con at a time.

And then there was Ben. Are you with me on this? Look at that amazing background work. You step in the ring with a man in that mask and you fear for your life. As if he needed a chest piece to increase his sexterity. I was a little worried that showcasing this photo of Ben might send all the female minions into an estrogenic frenzy. Calm yourselves ladies. I expect you all to behave appropriately. Now that everything is once again under control I bid you good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.


Photo by: Ben



Pic of the Week

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