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Community Pic of the Week

All Taped Up

Taped Up Women’s Tee has been featured in more then one choice Jinx Pix photo submission. It was originally featured back in September of 2008 in the now famous pic by Kaybi which was the recipient of the Infidelity Award at the Jinx Pix Month End Freedom Festival. Now, as you can clearly see here, Tankgirl understands the essence of our culture and displays this in an alluring fashion. And again we find that Taped Up Women’s Tee has come along for the ride.

Skydog’s Pic of the Week had a chance to meet up with Taped Up Women’s Tee this week to find out how he felt about being the center piece in some of the finest pics we’ve ever had a chance to viddy.

SPW: Hello there Taped Up, it’s an honor to meet you. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.
TUWT: My pleasure, I’m always excited to reach out to my fans.
SWP: So, how does it feel to be in the spotlight recently?
TUWT: Well, let me just say that Tankgirl is the one you should be interviewing. She has all the talent and beauty. I was just along for the ride.
SWP: Can you share your insight into the obvious appeal you have upon the lovely J!NX girls that want to be near you all the time?
TUWT: Confidence, my friend. You just have to look like you should be where you are at all times. It also helps when you match up with their favorite accessories. For example, when Tankgirl was looking through her wardrobe looking for something that would match with her purple bow tie, I was a no brainer.
SWP: Thanks for the tips Taped Up. Unfortunately that’s all the time we have today. But, we would love to have you back here sometime soon. Don’t be a stranger.
TUWT: Thanks for having me. I’d be glad to come back anytime.


Photo by: Tankgirl



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