• Elfen Pride

    This week, we learn how to rock for the Horde!!

  • Introducing the Giganto Mystery Bag!

    Now with at least 42% more Mystery! The newest offer in the ever-expanding selection of mysterious items from J!NX. Read MOAR!>>>
  • Arms of Pain!

    Not just anyone can reforge magical items into new things. This week, Tael shows us what you can do when you have a enchanted pair of shears.

  • Photoshop, Paint, Gimp Oh My!

    Voting Open on Prehistoric Tweakfest!

    The J!NX crew, On a routine expedition, Met the greatest earthquake ever known. High on the rapids It struck their tiny raft. And plunged them down a thousand feet below. To the Land of the Lost.

    Accepting Submissions: Alien Planet Tweakfest!

    The J!NX crew has crash landed on an alien planet. Use the photos below to show what kind of planet we landed on. Is the sky purple? Is there alien life? The choice is yours.

    Winner Announced: Action Figure Tweakfest!

    Congratulations to Legend Rex Banner The lucky winner of this weeks tweakfest, from across the ocean he delights us with his artful imagery.


  • Buried Treasure

    Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be an adventurer.

  • Comic Kickoff Fundraiser!

    This year we're teaming up with Gabe Eltaeb to sponsor a fundraising party to benefit the awesome folks at the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund. Read More>>>
  • Contest!!

    Voting Open on Action Figures Tweakfest!

    This one is going in my collection! Such Collectibles to be had in this weeks Tweakfest.

    Accepting Submissions: Prehistoric Tweakfest!

    Lets travel back in time to prehistoric eras gone by. When tweakfest was a cave painting and fire was the newest tech. Turn the J!NX crew in cavemen or show us riding dinosaurs. Use the photos below or any from previous contests to turn back time!

    Winner Announced: Mutants Tweakfest!

    Congratulations to Hero Direhoof The lucky winner of this weeks tweakfest, and a pretty awesome dude.


  • Diamond Power!

    This week, we are shown the true face of a Tyrant.

  • Lost and Found

    "Eeny, meeny, miny,"

  • Photo Tweakfest!!

    Voting Open on Mutants Tweakfest!

    Our latent mutant powers have finally emerged. Will humanity be protected or destroyed by our mighty powers? Only you can help by voting for your favorite mutant crew member.

    Accepting Submissions: Action Figures Tweakfest!

    Fully articulated? Cast Iron? Resin? What kind of action figure can you make us into? Give us packaging or show us on display. Perhaps we are even being buried in the back yard only to be unearthed years later. Use the photos below to turn the J!NX crew into action figures.

    Winner Announced: Wrong Place Tweakfest!

    Congratulations to Adventurer Gumby, Destroyer of Worlds Just when the world was beginning to make sense, Gumby swoops in to change your mind.


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