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What the cluck Steve!

Created by: Penguiany

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About My Design: What the cluck Steve!

Adventurer Penguiany

I am really creative, I tried fairly hard to think of something clever and funny when I saw this competition. Not only did I want to earn some money, I also wanted to make a product that other people would enjoy and want to wear. This idea sort of just came to me, I wasn't sure it was a good idea at first but it sort of grew on me, probably because I couldn't think of much else. I don't actually know how I thought of this it just popped into my head originally it was Steve standing in a crowed of chicken meat and feathers and one chicken just staring at him saying "What the cluck". Then I thought of him holding an axe about walk into a group of chickens, again with the talking chicken. Then I just decided to have Steve picking up a chicken, once again with the talking chicken. It took me a while to make I used Gimp and Blender. My skills with which are fairly basic so that's why it doesn't look too professional. I hope you all like it, I do and I would definitely buy it.