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It's a Nerd's World

Created by: Bre.C

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About My Design: It's a Nerd's World

Adventurer Bre.C

Everywhere around us, there is a form of geek/ nerd part of culture taking place. Honestly, anyone and everyone is a nerd but don't realize it. Being a nerd, or even a geek, is being someone who loves and devotes them-self to a certain hobby or activity like classic car collecting or comic book collecting. Being a nerd is not bad, it's a part of life and can be found across the globe. :) I trust the staff at Jinx to choose the type of printing (if I win... Hopefully) So I hope you guys enjoy the design and I would love to win the contest! Just putting that out there... :3 Be free to leave both postive and critical criticism :)