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The Next Generation

Created by: Elianora

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About My Design: The Next Generation

Legend Elianora

You can feel something changing. Something is charmingly shifting through your familiar lan parties, tech cons and D'n'D nights. Something is kicking your ass in Halo and looking damn good while doing it. It's the new type of humanoid. The girl, as we know it, has been upgraded, with new awesome features added (including new chat options about all things geek and a stupendous action figure collection) and some random bugs fixed ("MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN SAMMICH, I'M GOING 30/3 ON MW2!!"). The world might not be ready for us, but we are ready to take over! This one is meant to be exclusively for the ladies! I'd love to see this printed on a V-NECK SHIRT, either on charcoal or chocolate.

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