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Created by: WilliamWhite

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About My Design: I AM NO BOT!!

Gladiator WilliamWhite

In most games there are the seemingly unavoidable botting people. Non-botters try to hunt them down by asking them: "are you a bot?" kinda question. So my first idea was to make the "I am no bot!!" t-shirt as a somewhat funny shirt giving insight of a botting program. I ended up with a slightly different one, where the wearer of the T-shirt is accused of being the bot. Its answer: "I AM NO BOT!! is the result from the code he is running and where a little piece of that code can be read at the backside of the shirt. My photoshop knowledge has an even lower grade then the iq of this bot, so my apologise if the image is ....well....bad. I couldnt get the backside on the backside of the tshirt in the pic :), and had to do that at work where one computer has photoshop at all. Still I hope you like the idea! Regards,

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