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Game Over

Created by: Slats

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About My Design: Game Over

Gladiator Slats

The short, Italian plumber finally meets his end. As the flames engulf him, his thoughts turn to Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom. ...How will they fare without him? ...Will his brother finally get all the glory? ...And why does he suddenly have a craving for fried shrooms? With the heat overwhelming him, and the smell of sulfur in his nostrils, everything fades to black. ~~~ I was inspired to draw this because I always felt Bowser should have won. Mario isn't even cut out for fighting. Let alone against a giant, fire-breathing turtle. I also wanted to portray Bowser as more realistic for once. Only afterwards did I think it would make a great shirt. I designed it in such a way that it will work on any color, and the pillars will match. I have "Navy" and "Silver" shown, but other favorite colors I have heard include "Charcoal" and "Deep Forest". What color would you like to see?

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