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Created by: Maurey

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About My Design: S.E.C.R.E.T. IDENTITY


My inspiration for this design was THE GEEK. Drawing from comic book superheroes, most, if not all, just so happen to be geeks-people who possess tremendous knowledge and abilities that cut across the norm. For example;- Bruce Wayne is a geek who uses his intelligence and discipline to be The Batman; Clark Kent is the geek of all geeks, a Super Geek if you will. Though both have different origins, they all share one thing-SECRET IDENTITY. Due to this, they never receive praise as their "normal" personas for the things they do. So has been the case with the average geek. But through this T-Shirt design, I intend to change that. The message here is that geeks are extra-ordinary and amazing! The aim is to celebrate GEEK CULTURE and what it represents. The design is clean cut and simple, best suited for screen printing. Kids and adults can wear this T-shirt because I believe it cuts across all demographics.