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You Bet I'm Rare!

Created by: TheRunningRocker

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About My Design: You Bet I'm Rare!

Minion TheRunningRocker

To be honest this can be a Minecraft shirt, Hoody or anything that can be worn on the whole body. It's giving the message that your rare and that people should be lucky to find you. You are the one with diamonds with in! My inspiration was just the fact that every single time i find diamonds in Minecraft i'm so happy to see them. The person that is most likely to where this would be a Minecraft fan that knows the true feeling of what it is to find diamonds. This could be printed in anyway, It's up to you if you feel as fancy as sublimation or printing it on a cup. I just merrily felt that this had to be added to your awesome collection of Minecraft related memorabilia.