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Created by: popmonkey

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About My Design: PAKKU-MAN

Gladiator popmonkey

This design is based on a recently discovered Japanese print which is rumored to have inspired Toru Iwatani’s creation of Pac-Man. The print had been in his family for generations, but had been lost in a warehouse shortly after his tragic suicide. Here we see the four oni hovering menacingly over our lone samurai hero. Iwatani used the colors of the oni and translated them to the necessarily more simple shapes of the ghosts Kimagure, Oikake, Machibuse and Otoboke (or, in America: Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde) The design on the samurai’s hakama would directly inspire the maze design chosen for the game. I spent many a quarter on Iwatani's creation as a young lad, and this is my loving tribute to the game, and the man. 6 colors on either blue or yellow (or both). It's for folks who dig retro arcade games, ancient japanese art, or just plain cool shirt designs! I like a nice soft print without a bunch of thick, sticky ink, so sublimation printing would be desired.