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Unsuspecting Miner

Created by: Scimister

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Average Score: 2.623
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About My Design: Unsuspecting Miner


"I was mining coal with my diamond pickaxe to feed my pet slime Thomas when..." I began this artwork by looking for symbols which can be attributed to Minecraft directly. The blocky pickaxe and the sword came into mind but after some thinking, I settled on the pickaxe. I've always liked combining two things into one which was when I thought of basing a cave system inside a pickaxe (pickaxe = mining). From there, I started to build the scenery, infamous Steve mining the ore, slimes and creepers as well as the crafting tables, beds and furnaces which mining would be incomplete without. Note: This artwork was not made for the contest itself but was for a Visual Communications and Design Project I did last year (Year 10). I originally drew out the work on an A4 piece of paper and coloured it in with photoshop. What this means is that if the image is published to 'calendar' size, the resolution will have been pushed to its limits. Nonetheless I would like to share my work.

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