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League of Legends Mundo Goes Where He Pleases T-Shirt

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League of Legends Mundo Goes Where He Pleases T-Shirt:
Purple -

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Dr. Mundo never gets put on hold when he calls customer service and the soda machines always take his crumpled dollar bills. When Mundo's mailbox on his phone is full, he still receives additional text messages. Dr. Mundo has never been disconnected from a match, and when his computer blue screens, he only needs to hit it on the side to bring it back. Mundo would never be denied entry to the Employees Only restroom, and he's always allowed in with no shirt and no shoes. After all this is Dr. Mundo we are talking about, and he goes where he pleases.

  • Woven from 100% carded open end 18/1 cotton.
  • Heavyweight 5.7 ounce jersey.
  • Features relaxed-fit body.
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Purple Purple - Men's Basic Tee
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