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StarCraft II Bronze League Women's Tee

StarCraft II Bronze League Women's Tee:
Black -

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My APM is a one-digit number. I've never used a hotkey on a structure. I always have a ton of resources saved up because I like to be the richest. I've never won a match without cheesing. When someone says 'Macro' I say 'Polo'; when someone says 'Micro' I say 'Machines'. I haven't been favored since my first game. I've only ever played Protoss, because I can't figure out how to choose a different race. I am Bronze League. Good Luck, Have Pity.

  • Woven from 100% combed ring spun 36/1 cotton.
  • Semi sheer lightweight 3.7 ounce jersey.
  • Features juniors-fit body.
If everything in your order is in stock, it will ship within two business days. J!NX does not split-ship orders.
Black Black - Women's Tee
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