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StarCraft II Hydralisk Premium Tee

Also available: Women's Tee

StarCraft II Hydralisk Premium Tee:
Black -

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The com-link at HQ sizzled from the atmospheric interference, pierced by occasional check-ins from the patrols. They'd been on this rock for a week following up reports of a Zerg infestation but as of yet the foot patrols hadn't turned up anything. The Com-link crackled to life "Base, this is patrol one. We might have some trouble here--" A skittering, slithering sound interrupted the speaker. "Scratch that, we have serious- yargh!" The com-link returned to static. A shaking hand reached for the alarm.

  • Woven from 100% combed ring spun 30/1 cotton.
  • Fine lightweight 4.3 ounce jersey.
  • Features slim-fit body.
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