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World of Warcraft Horde Crest Leather Wallet

Also available: Sticker, Flexfit Hat, Button

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World of Warcraft Horde Crest Leather Wallet:
Black/Red - 4" x 3.5"


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It's Friday night. You hop out of the hot spring, open up your Equipment Manager, and put on your finest survival set. You've got a date with the hot Orc Warlock from Tuesday's raid, and you're going to need all the stamina you can get. You take her out for the fanciest food buff money can buy, and when it's time to pay the check you pull the gold from your sexy new Horde Wallet. Needless to say, she is more than impressed... and before long, you're participating in some recreational PvP. Zug zug!

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Black/RedBlack/Red Black/Red - Wallet

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