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World of Warcraft Monk Class Crest T-Shirt

Also available: Women's Tee

World of Warcraft Monk Class Crest T-Shirt:
Black -

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Centuries ago, the Pandaren were oppressed by the Mogu. When things were the most bleak, and all seemed lost, the Monks rose from the darkness to emancipate the Pandaren race. Unable to wield weapons against their masters, the Monks turned inward, learning to harness their Chi and training in the ways of unarmed combat. Fate has once again brought strife to Pandaria, but as the universe does not distinguish between sides of a conflict, so too have the Pandaren Monks chosen to share their wisdom with both the Horde and Alliance, hopefully restoring balance to a shattered Azeroth.

  • Woven from 100% carded open end 18/1 cotton.
  • Heavyweight 5.7 ounce jersey.
  • Features relaxed-fit body.
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