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World of Warcraft Panda Premium Youth Hoodie

Also available: Men's Premium Hoodie

World of Warcraft Panda Premium Youth Hoodie:
Black/White -

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Many have said it would be plain wrong to not design a panda hoodie to celebrate the Mists of Pandaria launch. They're right: it would have been. Luckily for all of those correct people, we headed the possible issue off at the pass by designing just that: a panda hoodie, complete with ears and not just black, but white fabric as well. You can use it as an excuse to hang out in bamboo groves all day looking generally tranquil and contemplating the mysteries of the universe. That is, of course, assuming you can tear yourself away from Pandaria for a while.

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Black/WhiteBlack/White Black/White - Youth Hoodie
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  • YL (10-12)
  • YXL(12-14)

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