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Giant Pocket Tee

With the amount of gadgets we carry these days, and the increasing size of said gadgets, J!NX has decided to bring you the tee of the future... sooner.

Some products are born from necessity, and the P.B.G. Pocket Tee is one of those items. Legend tells of man who roams these halls, in search of any computer malfunction to correct. In an effort to be ever prepared he required a pocket tee with such storage that it defied the laws of physics. With the help of X-5, our robot compatriot we were able to use black-hole manipulation technology to create a garment in which nothing is too large to be stored and retrieved before you can say "Papa-Bear Gailey."

WARNING: Do not place a P.B.G. pocket tee within a P.B.G. pocket tee. We can't say how we know it's bad, but we sure will miss that intern.

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