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Sean Gailey

"I can't do things just a little bit. If something really interests me, the desire to do it consumes me. Being passionate about the things that are important to me is what makes me happy."

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Sean "Jinx" Gailey is the Creative Overlord here at
J!NX. He has been entranced by technology and gaming since he was a wee lad of Age 8, getting his feet wet on the Trash-80 Model III. The following 11 years consisted mainly of gaming, learning, coding and starting businesses (not necessarily in that order). He attended Miami University where he obtained a degree in Systems Analysis (read as "programming") with a focus on games development.

Although J!NX finds him in a mostly creative role, he still maintains an insatiable urge to code and has at least one game "in development" at all times. Although he did play Super Mario Bros., he believes people that use that in their claim to be a gamer don't really play games.


A unique puzzle game that challenges you to help Questy slay the Dragon of Talesworth and snatch his hoard of loot. He's an evil dragon, so don't feel bad. Navigate through 30 increasingly difficult levels (and 3 bonus levels). This game was inspired by my love of the old D&D graph paper maps and classic 8-bit games.

Talesworth is a fast-paced RPG influenced by years of RPG'ing and MMO's. I did all the coding and game design, and Miguel "Borador" Rojas handled all the beautiful art. It ended up being a too difficult for the casual gaming audience. However, I didn't change it. Those people need to suck it up.

This game is a remake (with some bells/whistles) of the classic game Rampart. I'm not going to lie, this one was not well-received. I think I made the interface was a bit clunky, and since the game really shined in multi-player, the lack of people playing hampered it a bit. The awesome, in-game art was done by Jorge "three11" Tirado. This was a lot of fun to write, and is my first foray into the multiplayer arena.

25 Things

  1. I've spent an absurd amount of time in my life writing games (although only three have ever been finished). I vividly remember MANY all-nighters, working on a coding dilemma until 6am and loving every second of it.
  2. I've gone through many phases of music: 80s punk, The Police, heavy metal, alternative, etc. I like music a lot. I always gravitate back to 80s punk.
  3. I really enjoy reading technical manuals, preferably on new emerging technology.
  4. Put under a microscope, virtually everything I do in my life is in some way, directly or indirectly, done for my daughter, River and my wife, Amy.
  5. My daughter River's full name is River Paige Gailey, initials RPG. This is mostly an auspicious coincidence, and one that I'm so happy about.
  6. My dog Guenyvere was named after Drizzt Do'Urdan's transdimensional panther, although if asked if I got the name from King Arthur, I always say "Yes" because it's much easier.
  7. I tend towards being a jack of all trades instead of mastering a few things. I admire people that master things. The only thing I believe that I excel at is coding.
  8. The two things I have identified as pivotal to my happiness are sunshine and NOT waking up early. I moved to California and co-founded J!NX to secure those two things in my life.
  9. My friends were the skater kids in High School, but I freestyled on a GT Pro Performer bike. I can still do some nifty ground tricks.
  10. When I was in college, I rarely went to class. I am too impatient to learn from a lecture. I much prefer to learn on my own from a book and learning will always be a big part of my life.
  11. I went through a MUD phase (text based multi-user dungeon) for about a year, pre-MMOs. Meridian 59 was the next MUD-like addiction, a shitty MMO that used the Doom engine like 35 years after Doom was released.
  12. I read all instruction manuals for new devices cover to cover.
  13. Some of my best childhood memories were spent playing D&D and computer games. Bard's Tale is my favorite game of all time.
  14. I play World of Warcraft and rock a decked out level 80 Druid named Happlo on Runetotem.
  15. I am an extremely nostalgic person, particularly for old pen and paper role-playing games and vintage computer games.
  16. I blew up a lot of mailboxes in my youth.
  17. Saying or hearing the word "Zork" makes me feel elated.
  18. I never tried smoking or got intoxicated until college. Then I tried it more than once.
  19. I love everything about live theatre. The atmosphere, performance, music, and really the entire production, is near the top of my list of ways to spend an evening. I should go more.
  20. Putting things together makes me happy. I got that from my dad, among other things.
  21. I play piano a few times a week for enjoyment. I got that from my mom, she's much better than I will ever be. I don't have the dedication necessary to be a true musician. I also like to sing, but I am not a singer.
  22. In 1998, I traveled around Great Britain by myself for 2 weeks. I'm really glad to have done that when I had the chance. I regularly jammed myself into situations where I was clueless and challenged. Once I was comfortable and familiar, I got bored and moved to the next city.
  23. I love complicated board games although I rarely win at them.
  24. Favorite junk food is Doritoes and Dr Pepper, cultivated by many all-nighter gaming sessions.
  25. I always put off going to sleep at night. Sleep feels like a waste of time.
  26. Lord British was my childhood hero and is still someone I really admire and am inspired by.
  27. I love a good game of ping-pong. I briefly belonged to the San Diego Ping Pong Assoc but I am not nearly good enough to play there and only went 5 times.
  28. I try to surround myself with people that are better at my interests than I am. That is not hard to do.
  29. I prefer documentaries in the movie genre, particularly movies about eccentric people that are incredibly passionate about one specific thing (Spellbound, Trekkies, Darkon, Starwoids, etc).

Recent Photos

My girl, Amy, and I sipping cocktails in San Francisco.
My daughter River Paige Gailey (RPG!) at 3 months.
Pics of Gwen, taken at PetCo where she was modeling for a dog food ad.
She wasn't having any of it, lol.
Banging out code on the Trash-80.
Final photo for the J!NX Sweet 'Stache competition. I didn't win.
Lake Tahoe for snowboarding, a few days after Guitar Hero was released.
At DEF CON 11 (hacker con) taking a break.
Showing Lord British, my childhood hero, a couple shirts we designed that featured him.

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