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Chris Hope

"Keep Making Art,
and when you get tired; eat,
and/ or watch movies, every kind
make tea and then Keep Making Art.
That Will Keep You From Becoming
- You Know-
those people
who could, but don't"



Chris "Moustachio" Hope is part of the amazing art team at J!NX. He was born and raised in Richmond, VA and graduated from the Virginia Commonwealth University Illustration Department. In his free time he enjoys drawing, reading comics, playing video games, and watching movies with his amazing girlfriend.


In my spare time I create deck graphics for Foundation Skateboards, as well as work on my own personal art projects. I also enjoy silk screening posters and have my own silk screen setup at home for printing on paper.

25 Things

  1. I spent a good amount of my youth in comic shops. During art school I worked at Richmond Comix to pay rent and support my comic addiction. After graduating I moved to New York and worked the night shift at legendary Saint Marks Comics in the East Village.
  2. The most inspiring and motivating person I have ever meet is my girlfriend Lori. Without her I wouldn't be where I was today.
  3. I prefer loose leaf tea, and my favorites are Lapsang Souchong, Monkey Pick Oolong , and Jasmine Pearl.
  4. I've been vegetarian since 1994, though I do have the occasional fish taco since moving to SD.
  5. Some of my favorite movies include Alien, Aliens, Hellboy 2, Rushmore, and Empire Strikes Back. The best movie I saw last year was Let the Right One In.
  6. The best practical joke I ever played was painting half the walls of my college roommate's bed room an almost indistinguishable light shade of pink. It took him a month to notice.
  7. I both love and loath silk screening posters. Finishing the final color on a print is so rewarding, but when emulsion or paint doesn't wash out of a screen its heartbreaking.
  8. Growing up I played every RPG i could get my hands on. I started with D&D and eventually moved on to playing DC and Marvel Super Heroes (Children of the Atom FTW!), Robotech, TMNT, and the original Star Wars RPG. I also painted miniatures, and didn't realize until it was too late that they were made of lead.
  9. I love records, and the bulk of my collection is 70's punk. Some of my favorite records are Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life", "Blank Generation" by Richard Hell, and Big Star's "Third".
  10. I've driven across country 3 times. Twice from Richmond to San Diego, and once from Richmond to Seattle.
  11. The only "D" on a report card I ever received was in art class.
  12. I grew up watching Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swan and remain a die hard Steelers fan to this day. My all time favorite Stiller is Hines Ward.
  13. The most amazing place I have ever been is the Grand Canyon followed closely by Hawaii.
  14. As a child I was terrified of squirrels due to a scar on my dad's leg that he told me was from a squirrel attack. I later found out it was a mine wound from the Vietnam war.
  15. My favorite "classics" are Mat Mania, 720, Gauntlet, and the pinball machines Haunted House and The Cyclone.
  16. I am super obsessed with comic artists and illustrators and have a massive collection of art books and graphic novels I never want to move again. Some of my favorite artists are James Jean, Chris Ware, Aaron Horkey, Dave Stevens, Mark Shultz, Travis Charest, Jaime Hernandez, Mucha, J.C.Lyendecker, Frank Frazetta, and Adam Hughes.
  17. After college, I spent 7 years in the film and video industry as a producer, grip, electric, storyboard artist, and prop assistant. In addition to working on 100s of commercials, I worked on Hannibal, Minority Report, and Cold Mountain.
  18. My favorite types of video games are shooters such as Gears of War and Call of Duty. I also play 2K's NBA series and hope 2K is one day given the opportunity to produce another NFL title.
  19. I have been playing in the same fantasy football league for 15 years. The league is made up of some of my best friends and remains an amazing way to keep in touch with them despite being on different coasts.
  20. I've been collecting original comic art since the 90's and own pieces by Chris Ware, Adrian Tomine, Geof Darrow, and James Jean among others.
  21. When Jimmy Fallon was on Saturday Night Live, I got told I look like him way too often, almost daily. I am not looking forward to his return to television this summer.
  22. Two of my favorite places to go in San Diego, are Sipz Vegetarian and Comickaze. Remarkably, they are located right next to each other. Thanks for that.
  23. Lori and I have two cats that we are obsessed with. Theo is the sweetest cat on the planet, and I am convinced that Trepper is a spawn of Satan.
  24. When I was growing up my favorite artists were Art Adams and Frank Miller, and the D&D artists Larry Elmore, Kieth Parkison, and Bill Willingham. I took in more from looking at their art than I ever learned in art school.
  25. Despite the fact that I can grow a killer stache, I lack the gene that allows killer side burns and a full beard.

Recent Photos

Delicious Vinyl
Lori and I in RVA at a wedding.
My cat Theo.
Snorkeling at La Jolla Cove.
Lunchbox and Me tearing it up on Rock Band.
J!NX catalog shoot goodtimes.
Anything's possible in the world of magic.
Going out in style.

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