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Kacia Castelli

Where logic fails us, we must simply make do with cream pies.


Kacia "Oracle" Castelli is the J!NX Customer-Care-a-Lot. Not every geek is suited to deal with the general public, but The Oracle does have a way with words, and can cool even the hottest of tempers. Who knows where this rare talent came from, but some theories include a distant relation to a siren, and some shady deals made with the Veela several years back.

Nerdy since birth, she took an early interest in Fantasy Literature which has stayed with her and secured her a position as J!NX’s resident book-nerd. Her other favorite pastimes involve making things with her hands. If she’s got some free time, she’ll be doing anything from sewing to origami to drawing. Because of this, she can throw together a pretty awesome Halloween costume. Or a ping pong trophy. She likes to diversify.

Oracle's Cult of the Literati
Welcome, traveler, to the Cult of the Literati. We know what you seek, even if you're not sure yourself. Swashbuckling adventure? Passion and romance? Political intrigue? Arcane Magic? All are fair fodder here. Join The Oracle as she samples and shares her thoughts of all things bookish.

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25 Things

  1. I love SteamPunk. It makes me so happy. The combination of science, technology and fantasy feeds in to several areas of my nerdliness.
  2. It took me eight months to read Atlas Shrugged. I could have given up, but I refused. Same thing goes for Robert Jordan's 'Wheel of Time' series...I read all the way through book twelve (or was it eleven?) before I decided that I just couldn't read any more. Now, I love me a fantasy novel, but seriously? How many books can you fill with really annoying characters dressing, undressing, and drinking tea? Sheesh.
  3. I collect words. Every time I find a word that I like, I write it down and add it to my list. Same goes for names and places. Some favorites are: besmirch, hornswoggle, mighty, succulent, pamplemousse (that one's in french).
  4. My mom took me to my first Renaissance Faire when I was just about five years old. I've been going pretty much every year since then. I look forward to it just like Christmas. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!!
  5. I like adding the suffix '-bits' to pretty much anything. Naughty-bits, pretty-bits, bacon-bits, it works for almost everything.
  6. I love vast, empty spaces. Not in a Dixie Chicks, running-in-a-field-of-daisies kind of way, but an empty jumbo-jet hangar, Grand Canyon, Abyss kind of way. Heh. Abyssy-bits. Heh.
  7. I'm an actor at heart. I gave it up after high school, which makes me a little sad. I have very fond memories of all the plays I was in when I was younger, but I'm also afraid that taking it up again would spoil it for me.
  8. My dad is one of the coolest guys I know. He's done a lot of really neat stuff (including living in a teepee and being a boatman on the Colorado River), but never talks about it unless you ask him.
  9. I've never had chicken pox. I'm probably due for a really nasty bout later in life.
  10. I like picking out wrapping paper more than the actual present, and unless it's an emergency I'll only use real fabric ribbons. Not that curly plastic stuff, or the sticky-on kind. I feel like a failure if I use 'fake' ribbon.
  11. I think the same rules should apply to walking as they do to driving. Would you just stop your car in the middle of the street? No, of course not. Nor should you stop in the middle of the sidewalk. Signal, pull over to the side, then take care of your shit.
  12. I love grapefruits. I peel them like an orange (never cut down the middle). It's a favorite evening activity of mine to sit down with some good tv and a grapefruit.
  13. I'd like an Amber Spyglass. Read the book if you don't know what this is. Once you do, I'm sure you'll understand.
  14. My cat's breath smells like cat food.
  15. When I graduated college, I went through all of my notebooks and kept all my doodles that I made in class. I still have some. Oh, the places my mind would wander when I was supposed to be learning stuff. My favorite one says: "All Hail the Periodic Table! The Father, The Son, and the Noble Gases...” WTF?
  16. When I was ten or eleven, I once stole money from a perfect stranger's wallet. I've always felt really bad about that, and if I could find that person again I'd gladly pay back the $40 I took. Don't steal kids, srsly.
  17. I really like office supplies. Pens, post-its, paper clips, I love it all. Perhaps it satisfies a deep need for organization in my life, but whatever it is, I get a thrill out of office supplies. Do not take me to Staples unless you're prepared to wait around while I browse the new paper-shredders.
  18. I have not seen High School Musical. Nor do I want to. You can't make me. If I see Zach Efron, or whatever that kid's name is, walking down the street, I'll punch him in the face. Don't think I won't.
  19. I always know when I really like a song when it makes me want to put my hands above my head. It's a really strange reaction, but also very specific.
  20. I dropped a bottle of Boone's (wine cooler) on my foot on my 21st birthday...I still have the scar.
  21. The best deli sandwiches I've ever had came from Perry's in Inverness Park, CA.
  22. I'm obsessed with owls. I'm not really sure why, but I find owls very pleasing, especially when they're done in a japanese, cartooney way.
  23. I talk a lot of trash while driving. I don't consider this road rage, just pointing out the obvious.
  24. When I was younger, I used to read the ingredients in shampoo. I liked to see how many letters long they could make a chemical's name. I think the record was 26.
  25. The best power tool I ever used was an electric drill with an 18" bit. It was...very satisfying.

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