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Nintendo Entertainment System

This week's Trivia: Nintendo Entertainment System

Many of us sharpened our video game teeth on this infamous system. It's 8-bit glory laid the foundation for what many of us decided would be our careers. Relive that joyful innocence with this week's quiz.


When the "Mario" character first made his debut in Donkey Kong, what was he originally called?


Which of the following programmers is most credited for the succes of the Nintendo franchise?


What musical instrument would Link play to teleport himself to key places in Hyrule, summon his horse, a rainstorm or a scarecrow, awaken fairies, or move forward in time?


What was the name of the NES peripheral robot?


What was the name of the last boss in the original Metroid?


What was the name of the Japanese release of the original Nintendo console?


Where is Nintendo of America currently headquartered?


What block-falling game developed in Russia helped the launch of the Gameboy in 1989?


Which Nintendo console provided support for a mouse?


What 1989 movie featured the use of the Power Glove?