Internet Personalities

This week's Trivia: Internet Personalities

This week's quiz topic comes to us from draiden. Where would we be without the INTERNET? More importantly, where would we be without the endless hours of entertainment that we get from the videos our friends forward us when we should be working? Nevertheless, certain people have jumped to prominence and fame from their (sometimes unintentional) efforts.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Which of the following web shows was formerly hosted by Kevin Rose, founder of Digg?


In November of 2002, a video was discovered of a student waving around a golf ball retriever, recreating fight scenes from which film franchise?


After the 2007 MTV VMAs, Chris Crocker released a tearful video pleading to leave which pop starlet alone?


Sandeep Parikh has risen to fame for his role as Zaboo in The Guild. What is the name of the series he created wherein a gamer gets ported into The Legend of Zelda?


Who was the writer, composer, and original performer of the soon-to-be-classic, Chocolate Rain?


What is the main focus of the self-titled blogging site created by Perez Hilton?


Internet personality Ze Frank was actaully born as which of the following?


Which of these songs was NOT featured in the "Evolution of Dance" video performed by Judson Laipply?


Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine created which of these popular podcast series?


Alex Albrecht has been a host of several shows, both internet and televised, except for which of the following?