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This week's Trivia: J!NX

So you come to this site to browse geeky clothing, take geeky trivia, and absorb all the geekiness J!NX has to offer. A A question for you fine folks, how well do you know the site itself and the small band of geeks behind it? You can browse the J!NX website to find the answers in this weeks trivia all about J!NX and it's crew.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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What year did J!NX clothing begin?


J!NX is the gamer handle for which crew member/owner?


J!NX has a reward system in place for members who purchase from the website. How much "Gold" (cash) do you get for orders under $50.00?


J!NX is located in which sunny state?


What is the Tweakfest in the J!NX Community section?


Our programmer at arms, Scott, is more commonly known by this handle?


What is our Twitter handle?


Often seen modeling the J!NX gear, our resident red headed fashion designer Samantha also goes by what handle?


What Minion level do you need to reach in order to receive a free sticker pack?


If you submit a picture of yourself in J!NX gear on our website how much Gold will you receive if your pic is deemed "Amazing"