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‘90s Comics Edition

This week's Trivia: ‘90s Comics Edition

Wake up, Fanboys! I know you bought into the speculator’s market of the early ‘90s. Pull out the foil-cover/hologram-cover/variant cover comics you have from your long boxes and brush up on your four-color trivia.


Which founder of Image Comics created Spawn?


Which rampaging villain killed Superman in DC Comics’ 1993 storyline, The Death of Superman?


What single issue is the best-selling comic of all time?


Which comic publisher was purchased by video game publisher, Acclaim, in 1994?


Which major city was devastated in DC Comics’ 1999 storyline, No Man’s Land?


Which painter garnered critical and commercial success with the 1996 event, Kingdom Come?


Which character was summoned from hell by Nazi occultists?


Stanley Ipkiss was the main character for which early Dark Horse title?


Before writing his highly-controversial run on New X-Men, Grant Morrison drew mixed attention for which series starring King Mob, Lord Fanny, Boy, Ragged Robin, and Jack Frost?


While most super-powered characters operate outside the bounds of the law, whether as a villain or vigilante, what profession does the Dragon, of Savage Dragon, hold?