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Tweakfest Home Contest #60: SteamTweak!

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Finalist 2 of 26
Average Rating: 3.79
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Lady Oracle de Wynter concentrated. She had to hold in her mind the image of the Tsar’s Palace. She felt the first tingle of the temporal energy coursing through her, then erupting around her as she felt herself begin to shift through the ages. Concentrate. Tsar’s Palace. Tsar’s Palace. What had Sir Richard said about the Tsar? Blustering old dinosaur. She smiled at the thought. As she arrived she realised that she had lost concentration and she wasn’t in the Tsar’s Palace. Her first clue was it was far more humid than St. Petersburg ever got, even in the Summer months, her second was the blustering old tyrannosaur eyeing her suspiciously. She sighed to herself, not again....



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