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Tweakfest Home Contest #166: Wrong Place

Contest: Wrong Place!



1st Runner-Up
Average Rating: 3.63

2nd Runner-Up
Average Rating: 3.09

3rd Runner-Up
Average Rating: 3.04


Contest Details

All over the internet people will take celebrities photos and put them in places they should not be. Well we here at J!NX want in on this action. Take these photos of the J!NX crew and photoshop us into places we should not be. Feel free to use any of the photos from previous contests as well.
Grand Prize: 10,000 J!NX Gold and 500 EXP, and other random prizes,
First Runner-Up: 2000 J!NX Gold and 500 EXP
Second Runner-Up: 1000 J!NX Gold and 250 EXP
Third Runner- Up: 500 J!NX Gold and 100 EXP
J!NX Crew Award: 100 J!NX Gold and 100 EXP

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