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I am both an Alliance and Horde player; I'm the equivalence to a unisex sweater... A cute unisex sweater. 。●‿●。

About Me

You can call me Nox, I'm 17. I entered PC gaming when I was 5, I let pc and console coexist for sometime before letting go of console gaming. I now stick to PC games. I could have joined Jinx years ago, but stayed anonymous because I am so very shy. I've played wow for 5 years before stopping 6 months ago due to my boyfriend feeling neglected. (I was on the urge of making my Druid my main, grr) I plan to return in WoD. I own: Two 90 Blood Elf Holy Paladins (PvP/PvE), 85 Undead frost/fire Mage (PvP), 85 Night Elf Blood Death Knight (PvE), 70 Draenei Resto Shaman (PvP/PvE), 70 Blood Elf Sub Rogue (PvP), 70 Night Elf Prot Warrior (PvE), 70 Blood Elf Prot Warrior (PvE), 70 Draenei Prot Paladin (PvE), 70 Draenei Disc Priest (PvP), 60 Undead Destro Warlock (PvP), 51 Night Elf Resto Druid (PvP) Yes, I was insane with twinks, but that was because I had the gold to and I adored wow at that time, and nostalgia hits a soft spot. I have a ton more but those are the ones I could chronologically remember. *(I have not and will not ever make a hunter)

My Interests

Gregory my forever, Astronomy, Chess, Computers, Cosplay, Gaming, Giraffes, Mathematics, Painting, Petrichor, Philosophy, Photography, Psychology, Reading, Wanderlust And lastly Saudade, because it's a core deepening feeling that one can relate with to absolutely anyone in the world.

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