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BF3: BroloPwnsU on PC<br /> MW3: Brolo on Steam. LoL: BroloPwnsU

About Me

I'm the lead developer and programmer here at J!NX. I wrote the website and I screw around in the database and I drink the whole pot of coffee as soon as it's brewed. Friend me on Facebook and Twitter. I'm super nice D: I play PC games more than anything, but add me as a friend and I'll join you if I'm on, and you're on, and we're playing the same game. Which is a slim chance, but hey, I love you all. Steam: bonethug82 XBox: brolozovitch PSN: brolozovitch HON: brolozovitch

My Interests

I've been on a bit of a reading binge lately. Recent books I've read and recommend: - Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks (Awesome! Epic story about a magic ninja. What is not to like?) - Black Company by Glenn Cook (different but addicting) - Ciaphus Cain Omnibus by Sandy Mitchell (40K Universe) - Horus Rising by Dan Abnett (40K again) - Hyperion Quadrilogy by Dan Simmons (Great scifi, just great) - Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein (Classic scifi that might change your life) What I'm listening to Recently: Bolt Thrower, Dissection, Destruction, Holy Grail, Hibria, Redemption, Rhapsody of Fire, and Skelator Give me metal, or give me death!

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