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The Modern Era was the best Era for J!NX. Sharing is caring: Kiosk_239

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Hello stranger, my name is Jason and I'm a geek. I've been gaming since my first NES back when it was released and haven't stopped as all nerd culture is my life. Conventions are my vacation and I make the rounds every year (E3, BlizzCon, SDCC, WonderCon) so you might see me around. When I'm not gaming I'm taking care of the wife as she is due.

My Interests

Games, games, and more games. Physical training is also important though I normally just game on my days off. I have interest in everything you would find on sites like Kotaku or any Gawker sites and love to discuss the current events in the gaming industry. PSN - JSin1276 XBL - TheKioskZone Steam - Kiosk - JSin#1900 Twitter - @TheKioskZone If anyone wants to game just send me a msg.

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