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I love J!NX so much, I work here now! Follow me on twitter @kaybi

About Me

I am a photographer and avid photoshopper. I love both MAC and PC and Star Trek and Star Wars. I hold no prejudices for all things geek. 11 more random Kaybi facts: (because this one goes to 11.) 1- I have written an 80,000 word sci-fi novel 2 - My favorite flavor of Jello pudding is Pistachio 3- I used to sit in closets when I was young because I thought they were gateways to other universes. 4- I like drinking pickle juice 5 - I love people with bright colored hair and peircings because I think to myself, if this were the Star Trek universe, nobody would think they were weird. 6- When I get dressed in the morning I think “What would Buffy wear?” 7-The first movie I ever cried in was ET and I was scared because I didn’t know if it was ok to cry in a public theater.(I was very little) 8- I listen to movie scores more than any other type of music. 9- I have to flip through every page when I open a magazine, many dentists have lost their copies of People because of this obsession. 10 -I hate Lasagna it makes me gag fo realz and I have no idea why. 11 - I also make music and I have...used to have... a techno pop album on itunes under the name Crash and Kaybi.

My Interests

I love going to the Movies! I don't care if they are horrible I just love them. I also love J!NX Minions. I think the folks who participate on this website are particularly awesome.

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